theoneandonlyBROZ a posté The truth of MONEYMITCH
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Mer 16 Nov 2016

It's time to vote mes broz

like the USA people for Trump

the truth is here

theoneandonlyBROZ a commenté sur Chronique vidéo de MONEYMITCH
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Mer 16 Nov 2016

after the end of videos

the end of the broz money

Sorry for adonia, mais it's a very good bitche!!

She like dat!

theoneandonlyBROZ know the truth of money

theoneandonlyBROZ a commenté sur REDACTION !!! MeilleursPunchlineduRapUS = Moneymitch
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Mer 16 Nov 2016

Are you ready for fight my brozz

Moneymitch aka Jean Christophe Dubourg go home soon

theoneandonlyBROZ va balancer du lourd les broz

It's for all the broz of 2k

the end is near for the broz money

Adonia is my bitch, it's really

theoneandonlyBROZ a commenté sur MONEYMITCH c'est fini.
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Mer 16 Nov 2016


It's really time Jean Christophe

theoneandonlyBROZ va tout dire

for all the broz

theoneandonlyBROZ a commenté sur MONEYMITCH - POURQUOI T'EN DE HAINE SUR MOI ???????????
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Mer 16 Nov 2016

it s time for the end

the ultimate PLS of Moneymitch aka J.C DUBOURG

theoneandonlyBROZ CONNAIT TOUT

theoneandonlyBROZ a commenté sur élevons le débat : Niggletius viens ici
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Mer 16 Nov 2016

ask her my broz JC

it the truth my broz,

toi même tu sais my broz

theoneandonlyBROZ knows the truth

peace and love

le broz J.C est en PLS

And it's not finish for this broz

for all those who can't any more this broz

it's the clash of J.C

respect me my broz.

I'm sorry it's hard for U


Mer 16 Nov 2016

for the broz of 2k

peace and love my broz

theoneandonlyBROZ save the game

the broz J.C Dubourg est en PLS...

I m sorry money

but this bitch is good, she wanted my penis in her mouth

it's the law of jungle broz

Adonia is my bitch

Mer 16 Nov 2016

for the broz taste, for the broz oldskool

do you want the Jean Christophe finish?

For the peace and love sur le forum...

Broz theoneandonlyBROZ baise adonia everyday and the broz J.C est dans l'ignorance

Adonia is my bitch

It's a secret broz, but the broz J.C no respect the game

Le broz Money is...

Mer 16 Nov 2016

for the broz procussion, the broz baboush

just for U my broz

Adonia le connait bien

It's time fo the show!

Adonia and Jean Christophe

theoneandonlyBROZ est le seul et unique broz du game

Mer 16 Nov 2016

It's for my broz beeda, my broz khostyleprod, my broz westsidegame

It's for you my niggaz!!!

JC Dubourg va disparaitre in the big bang

theoneandonlyBROZ know all!

Mer 16 Nov 2016

The 2k people want the money virtual dead?


That's crazy mes broz!!

vous êtes pas pret à ca

le broz oneandonlybroz détient la real life du broz money J.C Dubourg

Do you want the ultimate fight?

Are You readyyyyy?

Mer 16 Nov 2016

It's for my brozzz HBO, my brozzz nasir, my brozzz the guardian

it's for their

the brozzzz qui veulent le PLS ultime du brozzzz Money J.C Dubourg

are you ready mes brozzzz

vous en voulez plus??


Mer 16 Nov 2016

And now

the real life of moneymitch aka jean christophe dubourg

it s time for all broz

la vérité

live n direkt on 2k music

le broz money on the sun

a nu

no limit for the oneandonlybroz

are you ready les broz???